KFC Cruelty Campaign - Brisbane Australia

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October 18/19, 2003

Members of Goldfinger (US ska punk band touring AUS) joined forces with Animal Activism Queensland (AAQLD) and ORCA as part of ongoing international protests against KFC's animal abuse (Goldfinger had also taken part in KFC protests a few days earlier in Melbourne). John Feldmann, lead singer of Goldfinger, who is also a vegan & animal rights activist, helped as activists handed out over a thousand leaflets to passers by. Activists from AAQLD report: "We caused quite a stir amongst the passing pedestrians, slowing traffic and a KFC manager, who refused the invitation to read our literature and looked as though he was about to cry (we think he may have had too much KFC)." A table was also held at Goldfinger's Trocaderro's show on the Sunday night, as a joint activity between AAQLD and ORCA, to help open people's eyes to animal exploitation and veganism.

September 29, 2003

August 31, 2003

A growing number of Queenslanders gathered outside KFC, Main St, Wooloongabba, Brisbane, Australia on Sunday 31st August to protest against KFC cruelty. This is the 6th protest by dedicated activists, which has included a stall at American band Audioslave's `Axis of Justice' gig, which informed thousands of people about KFC cruelty. Animal Activism QLD has also reported Brisbane KFC action on local radio a number of times which has delivered the information to thousands more. Indymedia Brisbane has also commented on AAQLD's action in their independent news site. This has drawn attention from a wide range of people interested in finding out more about cruelty of broiler hens.

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